Sunday, March 13, 2011

Benefit Of soursop | Increase Fertility

Benefit Of soursop,Increase FertilitySoursop bark can Increase Fertility

Fertility problem often mooted when a husband and wife who have been married a long time,however still not been bestowed yet child.

For those of you who have this situation,I want share a tip that was obtained to increase fertility husband and wife.Namely by using benefit of soursop bark (Annona muricata).

The way were as follows:

1.You get soursop bark.
2.Clean it first.
3.Then, you mash bark of the soursop.
4.Next, you Boiled the soursop bark until the water remaining about cupful.
5.Finally, you drink the water slowly.

You (husband and wife) can practise drink once daily. By this method, your fertility level can be increased.

In fact, apart good for fertility, this soursop bark broth can cure:

-Malaria ulcer,
-Stomach ulcer,
-Heart disease
-Liver disease.

p/s Lets Read about Benefit of Honey


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  2. It's realy interesting,those who need this in India can buy
    It on line from
    There is a guy selling this both in powder and bark form.


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