Thursday, March 17, 2011

Benefits of Celery | Increase Sexual Desire


1.Celery contains many Vitamin.
Celery or parsley is a soft stem vegetables are rich by iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, carotene, vitamins A, B-Complex and C and magnesium.Celery is identified as Apium graveolens and comes from a family Umbelliferae Dulce.

Celery nutrients is able to lowering high blood pressure.There are many ways to use celery as a medicine to treat high blood pressure and the most effective method is by insert a little celery leaves that small cut and pounded finely with a little water and sugar. For better efficiency it should be drink three times once.

2.Celery also can cure poisoning.
Besides, celery can also cure poisoning caused by bacterial infection.Among them is like stepped on a rusty nail, an infection of the wound or in urinary tract and cases of serious burns that cause blood poisoning known as sepsis or septicemia.Mineral salt content in celery restore alkaline nature in blood and help stop the breeding of germs.

Celery is very helpful to open the blockages that occurs in heart and spleen. Helps digestion.

3.Help increase sexual desire
Celery can help increase sexual desire.According to a Swedish cookbook author, C.E. Hagdahl, Celery is believed to increase sexual desire or be aroused quickly.It is better if eaten raw. Celery alleged containing the hormone androsterone. aten raw. Celery alleged containing the hormone androsterone. According to expert research, the hormone is produced through sweat and alleged can attract woman.

Planting CeleryCelery that planted on land

How to Grow Celery

Buy Celery of the market that have roots. Soak the Celery in the pot with tap water for about 1 day.When to plant, cut the leaves (to make cooking) and leave the roots and base of the tree about 1-2 inches.Planting in a pot and make sure the soil is watered regularly and always moist. Shaded parking place. Do not watered a lot because it will rot.

If you want to use this Celery for cooking,do not pull all plant.Just take the leaves Celery that you needed for use and that remainder could be taken when you always have that fresh Celery .

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