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Benefits of Chamomile

ChamomileChamomile flower that already gleaned

The flowers are beautiful and grows wild in countries with four seasons, as well as the unparalleled usefulness of medicinal plants for centuries.

Chamomile is from sunflower family Asteraceace initially be seasonal plants in Europe and Asian countries that have cold weather but has spread widely in North America and Australia.

Although it is a plant that lives wild in the roadsides, farms and vacant land,but now a growing demand, especially in medical, cosmetic and personal care, it has been planted commercially.

There are two types of chamomile that is kind of German chamomile (Matricaria recutita) and Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile).Chamomile plants can grow as tall 15 centimeters (cm) to 60 cm. The leaves are long and small groups of two or three leaves in one stem. The flowers produce a wonderful aroma and bitter taste.

Chamomile herba teaChamomile Tea can treat stomach pain

Chamomile is used to treat abdominal pain, colitis, and as sleeping pills (tranquilizers). In addition, as herbal tea, by adding two tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers with one cup tea.To overcome stomach pains advised to drink a tea chamomile every morning without breakfast for two or three months.

dried chamomile flowersSample Dried chamomile flowers

Beside that, this plants are also suitable for skin allergies including eczema, wounds, toothaches, and diaper rash and helps soften skin, in addition to providing nutrients needed for healthy skin.

Chamomile tea is also believed to protect the body against a host of diseases such as fever and cramps during menstruation.In research, they who like to drink this tea produces a substance known as glycine, which relieve muscle spasms.According to researchers at Imperial College London, United Kingdom, Dr. Elaine Holmes,this flowers also act as antioxidants and antimicrobial.

Chamomile is often called the "plant doctor" because it helps growth of other plants growing nearby, especially those producing oil extract (essential oil) such as type of mint plant (spearmint, sage, oregano).

Benefit of Bitter Gourd (Karela) | Treating Diabetes Mellitus

Benefit of Bitter Gourd (Karela),bitter melonBitter Gourd that are already cut

Bitter gourd Also known as kanbas,bitter melon or scientific name Momordica charantia is a vegetable that tastes very bitter, but bitterness is hidden behind a million other benefits to care body health.

In the market we typically see two types of bitter gourd. There are long with green color and have a smaller size or called 'bitter gourd frog' which has dark green.

Bitter gourd has many benefits for our bodies. Each 100gm bitter gourd contains 92.4 percent moisture, protein 1.6 percent, 0.2 percent fat, minerals 0.8 per cent, fiber 0.8 per cent and carbohydrates 4.2 per cent.

Since ancient times bitter gourd is used to treat diabetes. Doctors from England have been doing research to find scientific value.As a result they find a hypoglycemic or insulin.Next they created plantinsulin to reduce the sugar content in blood and urine.

The simplest method for treating diabetes is by drink the juice that was taken from four or five seeds bitter gourd in the morning.

The seeds are crushed can be mixed into the food. If you do not want to drink the juice,diabetics can drink boiled water bitter gourd pieces, or use it in bitter gourd powder.

The leaves are very effective for treating hemorrhoids. Way is by mix the juice from the leaves into one glass milk. It should be in the drink every morning for a month to treat.The crushed roots were used for the rub to the haemorrhoids.

If you have a problem contaminated blood,such as boils, scabies, itch and other fungal problems, bitter gourd can be overcome by mixing one glass of bitter gourd juice and one teaspoon lime juice.

It should be practiced gradually within of four to six months.It should be practiced gradually within of four to six months. Alcohol addiction problems could be mitigated by drinking water from the leaves bitter gourd.It can also overcome liver problem effects from alcohol consumption.

Although bitter gourd is not enthused because its bitterness but it brought many benefits to the people who likes it.Bitter taste will be gone by soaking in salt water before cooking.

tea bitter gourd,Bitter Gourd TeaBitter Gourd Tea

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Drink Milk Combating Hair Loss

Hair produced from protein keratin. So it is not surprising that protein from dairy products able to support hair growth. Most milk fortified with vitamin A. This is an important vitamin to prevent hair loss actually caused from lack of vitamin A.

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Benefits of Oatmeal | Keeping your heart healthy

Benefits of Oatmeal

Heart disease is one of the silent killer among men and women, according to the American Heart Association.

Although many factors contribute to heart disease, such as lifestyle, diet, environment, habit and other, maintaining heart health is not only subject to the adoption of active lifestyles.

Healthy eating and smart can help in the effort to adopt a lifestyle that ensures a healthy heart.

Did you know that to maintain a healthy heart, you just need to eat at least 70g. oats every day?

Oats already known for many years of good nutrition to our overall health, especially on heart health.

It began in 1854 when the "Oatmeal King" Ferdinand Schumacher introduced oat in United States and assume oats as additional to eating healthy.His claim has now been proven scientifically.

Now, nutrition experts and diet emphasis on oats as the most effective solutions/formula to maintain health and prevent heart disease.

Oats contain soluble fiber that actively absorb and help eliminate excess cholesterol that may clog your arteries and cause heart disease.

Taking oats will help lower cholesterol levels and ultimately making the heart healthy!

Research has shown that regular intake of oats is really effective in decreasing cholesterol levels.
Quaker oatsKeeping your heart healthy is as easy as taking oatmeal every day.

For example, Quaker Quick Cooking Oatmeal and Quaker Instant Oatmeal not only can make a nutritious meal and filling, but it also provides many health benefits. Both products are available at any supermarket nearby.

Oat flakes not only effectively reduce blood cholesterol levels but also ensure intestinal health by providing a source of nutrients slowly and consistently as required for the renewal of intestinal cells.

Fiber stimulates saliva production, which allow you to chew and swallow. When in a stomach, it helps to melt the contents, making it easier to digest.

Fibers in the small intestine to help slow the rate of digestion of nutrients in foods. This ensures that all the nutrients in the food used by the body.

Fiber also helps prevent many problems discomfort experienced by older people, such as constipation and hemorrhoids.

Oats contain more calcium, protein, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, thiamine, and vitamin E compared to other cereals such as wheat and rye.

Like fruits and vegetables, oats contain phytochemicals which are natural chemicals in a plants that help fight diseases.

Oats specifically contains many flavonoid that are powerful antioxidants to help prevent heart disease.

Oats are also an ideal food for all ages. Easily accepted as beginning solid food for baby and also elderly,oats are often used in a programs to help victims of famine because its ability to provide quality nutrition is not expensive.

Oat is a favorite among pastry chefs to make bread, biscuits, muffins and cakes are the most delicious and healthy!

There are adding oat flakes into a curry dish because it make the curry thicker and more delicious!

You may also use oats as a coating for fish and fried chicken. In this way, you may satisfy the taste and health benefits of oats!

Efforts healthy heart should be started from childhood.Parents should inculcate the habit of eating oat among their children by encouraging breakfast oat flakes and added oats into dish.

Benefits of Oats should not be minimized because it provides good nutrition and health are amazing for you and your family.

In conjunction with World Heart Day is celebrated worldwide on 24 September.Start the habit taking oats today to ensure a healthier heart!

Importance of Breakfast

Importance of Breakfast
Breakfast is one of our daily food sources that are considered to help start your day like a race car driver that the engine heat up first in the starting line.

Maybe some of us do not need breakfast by reason, rarely lunch. So of course no one should not have breakfast.Actually, there are things you do not know, with a breakfast can help ensure that you take your daily diet with sufficient nutrients.

Hence breakfast is the most important food in the life of a human every day and should not be ignored.

According to Mary Easaw-John, the research found that children who take a nutritious breakfast can give more focus and helps them improve performance in school.

But how do you encourage children to eat healthy on the early morning?

Based on research and experience Easaw-John to share some important tips to solve the problem.

"The key for parents is to be creative to make the breakfast as a session of fun so children do not want to be left to enjoy it."he said.

According to John Easaw -parents have a big role in determining the proper diet for their children.

'Make sure the children know the importance of taking breakfast and tell them it can help their academic performance in school.'

"Even better, if the parents can become role models, together with breakfast with the children. Way is able inculcating the habit to take a nutritious breakfast,"he added.

He said again,cereals have low fat,high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and carbon hiderat.According bijrin have low fat, high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and carbon hiderat. When mixed with milk it can added calcium content, which is an important mineral in the growth of healthy bones and teeth.

"Taking a breakfast cereal, this is one of fastest and best choice when you want fast in the morning,''he said."he said.

Easaw-John was one of the leading nutritional experts also spoke about the lack of time for breakfast.

"Allocate time for breakfast is a key to a healthy life.If you want to save time, trying to prepare the breakfast table at the night before, although only cereal and juice for breakfast".

You can added with variety fruits and nuts.If you want added he palatability.

Breakfast cereals such as Nestle breakfast cereals are very nutritious, easily available and a delicious breakfast options. In addition to protein content and carbon hiderat it also contains 10 vitamins and minerals including calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Everything is an important resource for optimal growth of a child. Lack of nutrients can have a negative impact on the performance of children and make them difficult to focus.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tinea Versicolor Natural Treatment

Some of our are facing the problem of tinea versicolor of the body skin.If this affected are located in the closed part may be less worrying but if in the view of those may be affect our confidence.

Actually there are several ways that can be undertaken to eliminate tinea versicolor among them:

- Pound a few pieces of ginger and dairy water. Sweep ginger water on the affected skin . When adopting this tips shall not eat any ginger.

-Pound some starfruit leaves very finely. Combine with the tamarind and a little rice. Then paste the ingredients on part skin affected tinea versicolor. Do it every day until this affected is gone.

-Mix bunch of local kesum leaves with little kerosene. Rub the part that have tinea versicolor every day until affected is gone.

-Finely pound a few leaves cassia. Sweep at the affected and leave for 15 minutes before washed clean.Practice always until gone.

-Take the areca nut extraction water and apply it to part affected . Practice repeatedly until successful.

-Pound two small cloves Garlic and ginger. Apply it on skin that affected tinea versicolor. See results in a few days.

-Pound ginger as big thumb to fine.Paste that ginger to areas skin that affected for 15 to 20 minutes.Practise always.

Benefit of Garlic Treating Tinea Versicolor

Tinea Versicolor on the skin,Benefit of Garlic
(sample picture)

Tips I want to share this time is get rid of Tinea Versicolor. If you have this problem,you can try tips at below.

1.First you need one Garlic.
2.Peel the Garlic and rub on the skin that infection.
3.leave for 15 minutes.
4.Then, wash with warm water.
5. Practice until this infection is gone.

If this tips is compatible with you, hopefully your skin is free from the problem of Tinea Versicolor.

Happy Trying!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tips use Aloe Vera for Hair Loss

Aloe vera can overcome Hair lossAloe vera can overcome Hair loss

Experiencing hair loss is a problem that is unpleasant.Some say hair is a crown, how if you crown fall continues. This may be a big problem, if not treated immediately.

Aloe vera or scientific name Aloe Vera Lin has many benefits.other than to be used for healing wounds, and skin care. aloe vera is also proven very effective in overcoming hair loss.Other than,aloe vera can also make your hair better thick. How to use aloe vera to overcome hair loss are:

•Take the aloe vera leaves are large, and certainly has a lot of slime.
•Then split this Aloe vera leaves into two parts and take the slimy contents of that.
•Smearing all over your head with slime aloe vera until around.
• Let 10 to 15 minutes.
• Then wash until clean.
•Doing continuously twice in a week.

If your hair loss problem can be solved with aloe vera. You have saved your money for a salon hair-care salon.

For your information there are several factors that cause hair fall, include the following:

• Hair loss is caused by genetic factors (descent).
• Some women experience hair loss after childbirth.
• Hair should be left to dry and not wet conditions, so should not wear a helmet and hat for a long time.
• Stress is also one of the causes of hair fall.
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