Friday, March 18, 2011

Foods For Healthy Skin

Fruits and vegetables contain mineral and vitamin that important for our skin looks young, as also cheese, milk, egg and animal proteins.There are so many types of vitamins & minerals needed by our skin,including fat soluble vitamins (Vitamin A , E, K), Vitamin B, C, folic acid and zinc.Below is a list of vitamins and minerals that are naturally available in foods that ensures your skin youthful and radiant.

1) Vitamin A
protect and care the skin tissues and can reduce the risk of psoriasis .

sweetpotato,Vitamin A sweet potato rich with vitamin A

Vitamin A reduce the risk of psoriasisPsoriasis

Available in:

- sweet potato
- carrots
- mango
- spinach
- milk
- egg yolks
- cheese

2)Vitamin B Complex
Improve the health of the heart and blood vessels, with good blood circulation,will produce healthy skin and radiant.

Available in:

- vegetables, green leafy vegetables
- pulses
- peas
- meat
- Fish
- Milk & Cheese

3) Vitamin C & E
- to help reduce wrinkles and premature aging

Available in:

a) Vitamin C

- oranges
- Green leafy vegetables
- Broccoli
- cauliflower

b) Vitamin E
- Vegetable oil
- Peanut
- olives
- spinach
- asparagus

4) Vitamin K- can reduce swelling and resist wrinkles


Available in:

- Green leafy vegetables
- Broccoli
- spinach

5)Folic Acid- helps the growth and division of cells body and can help slow down gray hair.
Green leafy vegetables

Available in:

- Green leafy vegetables
- legumes

6)Biotin -prevent dermatitis & prevent hair loss

vitamin of banana,benefit of bananaBananadermatitisDermatitis

Available in:

- Banana
- eggs
- oatmeal
- Rice

7) Selenium-reduce the incidence of sunburn(skin burns due to sunlight )

seafood,seleniumSeafood Meal

Available in:

- seafood
- garlic
- eggs
8)Copper - helps to produce elastin, that support structure of the skin

chicken liver

Available in:

- heart
- seafood
- legumes
- Peanut

9) Zinc- reduce oily skin and severe acne problems

- Oyster
- chickens, ducks
- lean meat

food pyramid,Foods For Healthy Skin,benefit of plantFood Pyramid

Anything else, we should meal with a balanced and for a balanced meal follow this food pyramid

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