Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The 4 Best Plants For Your Dorm Room

Plants are unique decorations that it beautiful and aesthetic.Besides that, Plants can improving air quality and smell of a room,and the plants can provide a calming environment that is suitable for students to intensify and focus while studying.

However, placing the plants in the room requires some responsibility, so choose plants that can give you the best.

The Best dorm Room plants must be tough enough to tolerate low of light and little water.and does not grow too large for your room that is already stagnant.

Below is The 4 best dorm Room plants and choose the most suitable for you.
Dwarf Lemon Tree
Aloe Vera

Dwarf Lemon Tree,Best Plants For Your Dorm Room,best Dorm Room Plants Dwarf Lemon Tree
Dwarf Lemon TreeDwarf Lemon Tree

Seems illogical to put this tree in a narrow space, but a dwarf lemon tree can give a good impression of the room. This tree can grow up to six feet tall in good condition for it, so we need to do some work in the crop to maintain the appropriate size.

However it is a worth effort when the gorgeous yellow lemons that come all year and delicious citrus smell!!.

Water your tree enough to maintain soil moist, and mist the leaves daily so this tree don't dry out.Place it near windows for optimal sunlight,and give it fertilizer once a month.Make sure you put them in the pots that allow water drainage and air to the roots. You can buy a Dwarf lemon tree in the garden shop.

Mint tree,mint pot,Best Plants For Your Dorm Room,Best Dorm Room PlantsMint

Last moment before your final semester, and you so nervous and stressed when reading your notes for the last time.To relieve stressed with easy way, natural and healthy, try mint.Crush or chew mint leaf to produce a strong aroma refreshing that can calm nerves,sore throat, and refresh your breath.

Mint is very easy to grown. Place the tree in a pot of moist, well drained and make sure they get plenty of sunlight all year.Mint is widely available and can be purchased in pots or as seeds.

Alove Vera in the Room,Best Plants For Your Dorm Room,Best Dorm Room PlantsAlove Vera in the Room

Next Best Plants For Your Dorm Room is Aloe vera.Assume your aloe vera as your personal pharmacy.at least for skin irritation.Just pluck a leaf and squeeze out some liquid for instant relief! Aloe vera plants are perfect for rooms that don't get much sunlight (the leaves start to turn brown if they're in the sun too long), and don't require much watering.

Try to get the aloe vera plant is mature. It's an easy plant to maintain that can help you out in a pinch! You won't have any trouble finding aloe vera where plants are sold.

Successfully taking care of a cactus is one of those out-of-the-classroom tests that helps you discover a little more about yourself. In this case, if it dies you'll know you're less nurturing than a desert. The only basic guideline: don't overwater. Cactus plants are very easy to find. Your can buy at local grocery or hardware store.

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