Monday, March 14, 2011

Benefits of carrots | Reduce sugar in the body

vitamin a, b and c contained in Carrot

Plants of this type is very popular in our country. Species of plants is believed to come from Germany in the 16th century and used as food and medical.

Source Of Vitamin
This plant alleged has oil and complete vitamin such as A, B, and C, salt, potasium and carotin.

Prevent growth and cancer breeding

Carotin prevent growth and cancer breeding, while the seed powder can be drink like 'tea' to cure bloated disease stomach among children.

Carrot is also able to reduce:

1. sugar in the body
2. prevent cancer
3. diabetes cure
4. gout
5. heart disease
6. digestion, and eyesight.

According herbalis Nichiolas Culpepper in his book 'The Compelete Herbal' carrot able to:

1. breaking wind
2. wound healing
3. increase frequency urinate
4. break coral
5.If the carrot leaves blended with honey can recover wound and cancer.

Fresh Carrot (sample Picture)

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