Saturday, March 19, 2011

10 Tips For Getting a deep sleep

deep sleep
Many people have trouble sleeping.Weather and warm temperatures is one of the causes. There are regularly wakefulness, there are sleeping late.

Below are 10 tips for those of you that have this problem:

1.Sleep schedule.If you usually sleep at 9 tonight, make sure you sleep at this time for the next night.This is to give your body "habit" and make it ready for bed at that time.

2. Do not do exercise at night because the heart is pumping faster and you can not sleep.
3. Do not eat or drink too much before bedtime. You can only eat soft food only and preferably stop eating 2 hours before bedtime.

4.Stay away from alcohol, nicotine and caffeine at least 5 to 6 hours before bedtime.

5.For your that work during office hours.Make a habit to sleep at night. Take rest an one hour maximum by day and do not sleep after 3 pm.

6. Make sure your bedroom has a good ventilation system. If possible, let windows slightly open to allow air to enter.

7. Before sleeping, bathing, use warm water, read books or hear favorite music is soft tone.

Try rubbing moisturizing cream on shoulder,neck and legs to relieve pressure in the day.

Do not use medicines or drugs to relieve insomnia. Taking tea or warm milk with honey is better.

When sleeping at night, put the legs on a soft pillow. It can relieve fatigue and getting a deep sleep.-ehoza

Friday, March 18, 2011

Foods For Healthy Skin

Fruits and vegetables contain mineral and vitamin that important for our skin looks young, as also cheese, milk, egg and animal proteins.There are so many types of vitamins & minerals needed by our skin,including fat soluble vitamins (Vitamin A , E, K), Vitamin B, C, folic acid and zinc.Below is a list of vitamins and minerals that are naturally available in foods that ensures your skin youthful and radiant.

1) Vitamin A
protect and care the skin tissues and can reduce the risk of psoriasis .

sweetpotato,Vitamin A sweet potato rich with vitamin A

Vitamin A reduce the risk of psoriasisPsoriasis

Available in:

- sweet potato
- carrots
- mango
- spinach
- milk
- egg yolks
- cheese

2)Vitamin B Complex
Improve the health of the heart and blood vessels, with good blood circulation,will produce healthy skin and radiant.

Available in:

- vegetables, green leafy vegetables
- pulses
- peas
- meat
- Fish
- Milk & Cheese

3) Vitamin C & E
- to help reduce wrinkles and premature aging

Available in:

a) Vitamin C

- oranges
- Green leafy vegetables
- Broccoli
- cauliflower

b) Vitamin E
- Vegetable oil
- Peanut
- olives
- spinach
- asparagus

4) Vitamin K- can reduce swelling and resist wrinkles


Available in:

- Green leafy vegetables
- Broccoli
- spinach

5)Folic Acid- helps the growth and division of cells body and can help slow down gray hair.
Green leafy vegetables

Available in:

- Green leafy vegetables
- legumes

6)Biotin -prevent dermatitis & prevent hair loss

vitamin of banana,benefit of bananaBananadermatitisDermatitis

Available in:

- Banana
- eggs
- oatmeal
- Rice

7) Selenium-reduce the incidence of sunburn(skin burns due to sunlight )

seafood,seleniumSeafood Meal

Available in:

- seafood
- garlic
- eggs
8)Copper - helps to produce elastin, that support structure of the skin

chicken liver

Available in:

- heart
- seafood
- legumes
- Peanut

9) Zinc- reduce oily skin and severe acne problems

- Oyster
- chickens, ducks
- lean meat

food pyramid,Foods For Healthy Skin,benefit of plantFood Pyramid

Anything else, we should meal with a balanced and for a balanced meal follow this food pyramid

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Benefits of Celery | Increase Sexual Desire


1.Celery contains many Vitamin.
Celery or parsley is a soft stem vegetables are rich by iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, carotene, vitamins A, B-Complex and C and magnesium.Celery is identified as Apium graveolens and comes from a family Umbelliferae Dulce.

Celery nutrients is able to lowering high blood pressure.There are many ways to use celery as a medicine to treat high blood pressure and the most effective method is by insert a little celery leaves that small cut and pounded finely with a little water and sugar. For better efficiency it should be drink three times once.

2.Celery also can cure poisoning.
Besides, celery can also cure poisoning caused by bacterial infection.Among them is like stepped on a rusty nail, an infection of the wound or in urinary tract and cases of serious burns that cause blood poisoning known as sepsis or septicemia.Mineral salt content in celery restore alkaline nature in blood and help stop the breeding of germs.

Celery is very helpful to open the blockages that occurs in heart and spleen. Helps digestion.

3.Help increase sexual desire
Celery can help increase sexual desire.According to a Swedish cookbook author, C.E. Hagdahl, Celery is believed to increase sexual desire or be aroused quickly.It is better if eaten raw. Celery alleged containing the hormone androsterone. aten raw. Celery alleged containing the hormone androsterone. According to expert research, the hormone is produced through sweat and alleged can attract woman.

Planting CeleryCelery that planted on land

How to Grow Celery

Buy Celery of the market that have roots. Soak the Celery in the pot with tap water for about 1 day.When to plant, cut the leaves (to make cooking) and leave the roots and base of the tree about 1-2 inches.Planting in a pot and make sure the soil is watered regularly and always moist. Shaded parking place. Do not watered a lot because it will rot.

If you want to use this Celery for cooking,do not pull all plant.Just take the leaves Celery that you needed for use and that remainder could be taken when you always have that fresh Celery .


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Benefits Of Planting Trees

Green are depicted nature.Effect from this colour are giving harmonious environment,shady relaxed, natural, cool, refreshing and calming.

According to scientific research, green color have a positive impact in helping the immune system to fight disease or virus.

Following are the results of research on the benefits of planting trees.

Based on NASA research,trees planted in the house can clean up toxins in the air as much 87% within 24 hours (depending on the type and size of the house).They filtering toxic such ammonia, formaldehyde, carbon monoxiside, benzene, xylene and trichloroethyene.

Besides that benefits planting trees is also makes a person feel happy (according Bruno Cortis, MD, Chicago).Research showed hospital patient that looks out window to see plant at garden will be recover faster.

Based on research at Agriculture University of Norway, the trees are planted in the house can help to reduce cough, sore throat, flu and related problems as much 30% of by improve air quality.

Most of the workplace and government agencies that put tree inside office. Its impact, it increase the creativity and productivity of their employees.(green environment / trees are placed in the range of 45 feet from the employee).

For your information, our world increasingly polluted,oxygen that we breathe less quality because volcanic eruptions,forest fires, industrial activities,emission,open burning,in fact use electrical appliances such refrigerators & air-conditioning is also polluting our air(CFC emissions).So let us planting trees a lot.haha..
Following are a list of trees that most effective air filtering

Madagascar Dragon TreeMadagascar Dragon Tree a.k.a. Red Edged Dracaena.

This tree that popular among the trees planted in the house.Can not be watered too a lot.

Warneck DracaenaWarneck Dracaena

This tree also popular filtering benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene & toluene in the air

Peace Lily PicturePeace Lily
There are many species, shape & color, should be watered only once a week (make sure water is not chlorinated).Benefits it was Filtering benzene, formaldehyde, acetone, ammonia and trichloroethylene in the air.

Fact about Dracaena draco Dracaena draco picture
Fact about Dracaena draco
According to the history trees Dracaena draco are an ancient tree species that are still alive (such gingko biloba,the only trees that alive after Hiroshima bombed(Many Benefits this tree).

There are about 5,000 species trees dragon blood @ draceana on the island Socotra,Yemen.

While that most effective trees producing oxygen are:

Bean sprouts.If you are planting itself,they not only increase oxygen during its growth, but you can also get benefits by eating raw.

Snake PlantSnake Plant.

Snake Plant.This tree is unique because converting a lot carbon dioxide into oxygen at night.This tree appropriately placed inside room.This tree can also filtering formaldehyde in the air.

Research shows that if you're stuck in the an airtight room by only placed trees Areca Palm and snake plant, you can live with it because because sufficient oxygen(according to the size of certain rooms, with that certain number of people).

Areca-PalmAreca Palm Picture
Areca Palm: This tree is not only filtering xylene & toluene in the air, but also converts more carbon dioxide into oxygen all day.

Trees planted or placed in the home should be cleaned leaves.Wipe by damp cloth or spray water on the leaves for the pores are not clogged dust.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The 4 Best Plants For Your Dorm Room

Plants are unique decorations that it beautiful and aesthetic.Besides that, Plants can improving air quality and smell of a room,and the plants can provide a calming environment that is suitable for students to intensify and focus while studying.

However, placing the plants in the room requires some responsibility, so choose plants that can give you the best.

The Best dorm Room plants must be tough enough to tolerate low of light and little water.and does not grow too large for your room that is already stagnant.

Below is The 4 best dorm Room plants and choose the most suitable for you.
Dwarf Lemon Tree
Aloe Vera

Dwarf Lemon Tree,Best Plants For Your Dorm Room,best Dorm Room Plants Dwarf Lemon Tree
Dwarf Lemon TreeDwarf Lemon Tree

Seems illogical to put this tree in a narrow space, but a dwarf lemon tree can give a good impression of the room. This tree can grow up to six feet tall in good condition for it, so we need to do some work in the crop to maintain the appropriate size.

However it is a worth effort when the gorgeous yellow lemons that come all year and delicious citrus smell!!.

Water your tree enough to maintain soil moist, and mist the leaves daily so this tree don't dry out.Place it near windows for optimal sunlight,and give it fertilizer once a month.Make sure you put them in the pots that allow water drainage and air to the roots. You can buy a Dwarf lemon tree in the garden shop.

Mint tree,mint pot,Best Plants For Your Dorm Room,Best Dorm Room PlantsMint

Last moment before your final semester, and you so nervous and stressed when reading your notes for the last time.To relieve stressed with easy way, natural and healthy, try mint.Crush or chew mint leaf to produce a strong aroma refreshing that can calm nerves,sore throat, and refresh your breath.

Mint is very easy to grown. Place the tree in a pot of moist, well drained and make sure they get plenty of sunlight all year.Mint is widely available and can be purchased in pots or as seeds.

Alove Vera in the Room,Best Plants For Your Dorm Room,Best Dorm Room PlantsAlove Vera in the Room

Next Best Plants For Your Dorm Room is Aloe vera.Assume your aloe vera as your personal least for skin irritation.Just pluck a leaf and squeeze out some liquid for instant relief! Aloe vera plants are perfect for rooms that don't get much sunlight (the leaves start to turn brown if they're in the sun too long), and don't require much watering.

Try to get the aloe vera plant is mature. It's an easy plant to maintain that can help you out in a pinch! You won't have any trouble finding aloe vera where plants are sold.

Successfully taking care of a cactus is one of those out-of-the-classroom tests that helps you discover a little more about yourself. In this case, if it dies you'll know you're less nurturing than a desert. The only basic guideline: don't overwater. Cactus plants are very easy to find. Your can buy at local grocery or hardware store.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Benefits of carrots | Reduce sugar in the body

vitamin a, b and c contained in Carrot

Plants of this type is very popular in our country. Species of plants is believed to come from Germany in the 16th century and used as food and medical.

Source Of Vitamin
This plant alleged has oil and complete vitamin such as A, B, and C, salt, potasium and carotin.

Prevent growth and cancer breeding

Carotin prevent growth and cancer breeding, while the seed powder can be drink like 'tea' to cure bloated disease stomach among children.

Carrot is also able to reduce:

1. sugar in the body
2. prevent cancer
3. diabetes cure
4. gout
5. heart disease
6. digestion, and eyesight.

According herbalis Nichiolas Culpepper in his book 'The Compelete Herbal' carrot able to:

1. breaking wind
2. wound healing
3. increase frequency urinate
4. break coral
5.If the carrot leaves blended with honey can recover wound and cancer.

Fresh Carrot (sample Picture)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Benefit Of soursop | Increase Fertility

Benefit Of soursop,Increase FertilitySoursop bark can Increase Fertility

Fertility problem often mooted when a husband and wife who have been married a long time,however still not been bestowed yet child.

For those of you who have this situation,I want share a tip that was obtained to increase fertility husband and wife.Namely by using benefit of soursop bark (Annona muricata).

The way were as follows:

1.You get soursop bark.
2.Clean it first.
3.Then, you mash bark of the soursop.
4.Next, you Boiled the soursop bark until the water remaining about cupful.
5.Finally, you drink the water slowly.

You (husband and wife) can practise drink once daily. By this method, your fertility level can be increased.

In fact, apart good for fertility, this soursop bark broth can cure:

-Malaria ulcer,
-Stomach ulcer,
-Heart disease
-Liver disease.

p/s Lets Read about Benefit of Honey
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