Saturday, April 9, 2011

Early Signs And Symptoms Of Cancer

This is Early Signs And Symptoms Of Cancer.If you experience it,advised to meet the doctor.

(1)Cervical Cancer-any unusual Vaginal discharge or bleeding, pain after intercourse and losing weight.

2) Breast Cancer - a swelling or lump in the breast,came out bloody fluid from the nipple,enlarged glands in the armpits and creases in the breast.

(3) Colon Cancer - change in bowel habits, weight loss, abdominal pain and intestinal, bleeding during urination.

(4) Lung Cancer - continuous strong cough,coughing up blood,panting breath,chest pain and weight loss.

(5) Stomach cancer - weight loss, vomiting blood, digestive system is not regular, quickly filled even eat a little.

(6) Spleen Cancer - abdominal pain, loss of appetite, weight loss, skin and eyes become yellow and the abdomen swells.

(7) Ovary Cancer - irregular periods, pain during intercourse, excessive hair growth, voice becomes deeper.

(8)Brain Cancer- headache, vomiting, visual disturbances, weakness or paralysis, dizziness / fainting, forgetfulness, personality changes.

(9)Prostate Cancer- difficult and painful urination

(10)Blood cancer(leukemia) - fatigue, anemia, easy bruising, and prone to infection.

(11) Throat cancer - hoarseness / husky,lumps in the throat, difficulty swallowing,and swollen glands in the neck.

(5)Sun Rays
(7)Taking drugs
(8)Air and water pollution

TEA prevent cancer
Tea increased the antioxidant activity in blood, and able to help prevent heart disease and cancer.In Japan and China, they believe that drink tea with meals can reduce the risk of cancer. Tea is also capable to attack the bacteria that cause gum disease than strengthened it. Tea is also accelerating the enzyme system "detoxification" in the spleen,besides helping eliminate the chemicals are not required by the body and helps protect the arteries. It also able to prevent blood clots and reduce the risk of stroke.

DIET TO PREVENT lump in breast
(1) Avoid fatty foods and fried foods
(2) Avoid junk food that sour
(3) Reduce drinking coffee and carbonated drinks
(4) Be careful when taking aspirin or cold drugs
(5) Take foods containing vitamin E, B-6, and evening primrose oil

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