Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eggshell For Beauty Face


Have you used egg shell for beauty face? Well, if you've never tried this tip, I will show you how to make.Other than egg shell, you should also provide cold powder and warm water.

  • egg shell.
  • cold powder.
  • warm water.
1.First,you clean the egg shell.
2.Then, grind the egg shell until fine as dust.(If you prefer to pound can also.)
3.Next, you mix and stir the dust with powder cold and warm water until smooth.
4.Wipe the mixture on your face. But, be sure to clean your face first.
5.As you sweep the powder cold,massage your face gently and slowly.

That's 5 steps you can do to beautify face with egg shell.After this, you can use egg shell from discarded just like that, right?

Happy Trying!

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