Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tips to get rid of Dandruff Naturally

LimeWe can use Lime to get rid of Dandruff from our scalp

Dandruff often become complaints among women. To get rid of dandruff,Mix lime water extraction with a little water before rubbing on scalp.

Instead using extraction lime, there are other ways that can be tested include the using pandan leaves.

Take about 10 pandan leaves a bit old, then ground up finely and mixed with two cups water.

Filter mixture and rub evenly on hair that has been cleaned. Let stand for half an hour and rinse hair with fresh water. It not only helps reduce dandruff but hair scented.

In addition, can also use the coconut milk.Take a old coconut then split.After that grated and squeeze it.Leave for one hour to its essence.

Then, rubbed on hair. Wrap hair with a clean towel and marinate for half hour. If practiced regularly, it helps to give your hair healthy and beautiful.

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