Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tips To Treat Continuous Cough

Coughing that difficult to cure,if there is no fever,can be categorized in the case of cough hypersensitivity.This Coughing is common at night and early morning accompanied by a lot of phlegm production.Throat will often feel itchy and irritated.If accompanied by fever,better undergo a medical examination and X-ray. You are also advised to drink plenty of warm water.Ice, cold foods and fruits should be avoided for a while.Smoking must be stopped.Allergy effects due to occupational must also given attention,for example teachers that constantly inhaling chalk dust, concrete workers exposed to cement dust.

Tip 1:
Use Sea Cucumber.Sea cucumber can help relieve itching and inflammation the throat and respiratory tract. It also can help allergy and asthma conditions.

Tip 2:
Take one onion and blend. After that mix with one spoon of honey. Drink 3 times daily.

Take palm sugar, crushed to small and eat like candy. Do few time until cure.

Take a lemon and mix with honey, mix well and drink.Do not drink the water after that.Let a moment.

1. Pour one teaspoon soy sauce
2. Mix with a lime essence
3. Stir with using pinkie while selawat 3 times
4. and drinking.


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