Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Benefits of Bean Sprouts | Prevent Cancer

Benefits of bean sprouts
Menu bean sprouts for lunch or dinner is often underestimated by most of us.

More Fertile

However do you know bean sprouts that are often the last choice to be made vegetable dishes actually has many benefits.Beansprouts be said able to contribute the fertility of men and women. Intake of bean sprouts by men can make their sperm produced better.Similarly, a woman, it is quite effective in helping the fertility of eggs produced.

Prevent Cancer
Nevertheless, benefits bean sprouts is not only contributing fertility,it also evident in research contains a substance that can crippling source of cancer, colon, pancreatic and leukemia.

According to research conducted,bean sprouts whether from type green beans, alfalfa and others contains many element beneficial phytochemicals.One is kanavanin that is a kind of amino acid. Kanavanin, alleged be able cripple source of cancer leukemia, colon and pancreas.

Good For Women
In addition, bean sprouts also have natural estrogen that function like estrogen synthesis.

Estrogen in bean sprouts can increase bone density and structure, and prevent bone loss (osteoporosis).Intake bean sprouts regularly by women can help them avoid from breast cancer,menstrual disorders, pre-menopausal symptoms, and disorders due to menopause.

germinated bean sproutsGerminated bean sprouts

Reduce Fat
When the beans germinated to be made bean sprouts,in general its saponi rate increased to 450%.They are suffering strokes and heart attacks, because of high blood fat levels,advised to take more bean sprouts in their daily menu.Saponi in bean sprouts, chase 'bad fats' LDL, without affecting good fat content (HDL).


Bean sprouts are solid with powerful antioxidants to prevent the body from harmful free radical cell DNA.This protection strengthens the conclusion that bean sprouts are vegetables that make you younger.

Remove Impurities
Another Benefits of bean sprouts are helping to remove impurities in the large intestine because they contain lots of fiber and water.This is the main pillar of bean sprouts in fight against cancer. When the impurities quickly leave the large intestine,no toxic substances in the impurities that can be absorbed by the body. It will prevent the accumulation of toxic substances that can stimulate cancer cells.

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