Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tips to Handle Stress

Do you know in the week you burdened with various stress? Stress will make our lives more challenging.

In this age, many facilities prepared to simplify work like washing and drying clothes, transport, food supply and electricity facilities.

However, there are some things that could cause stress to us, such as telephone bills, congestion, increasing population, imitation food, television and busy daily schedule.

Statistics confirm more decisions are made in the a day compared a decision made in the a year. No wonder we are often under stress.

What can you do when you are in the peak of stress that it do not impact on the health, happiness, and your life? (Do not do things that harm you, such as taking drugs, alcohol)

Below is a good thing for us to control stress.

You need to exercise for good hormone. Blood will flow faster if you walk fast and it can help better health.

Practice proper nutrition
Fast food that contains many of sugar is not good for the brain and body intelligence. Practice proper nutrition can help the brain to respond to a variety of things, well as increased immunity so that you can think better.

Always remember
Do not let the stress control of yourself. Identify situations that cause you stress. You will be able to handle the stress when you are always sensitive to it.

Always share with friends about stress faced by you. You will not be burdened by stress when you are constantly sharing with other people.

Always be thankful and grateful.
This attitude will help you to do the job better.

Always calm
If you suffer from stress, escape for a few hours to calm down as you walk, meditate and find a place of peace and quiet.

Turn off the television
Avoid hearing the bad news that could bring stress on you.

Enough sleep can help you to solve the stress better.

Drink water
System in the body will be more stable when water content in body enough.

Watching Youtube
Watching Youtube to release your strees,Watch funny clip like Just For laughs or something that will make your happy.

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