Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Benefit of Pomegranate Cure Sore Eyes

Pomegranate or botanical name Punica granatum are highly nutritious and has many benefits.are highly nutritious and has many benefits. Especially in terms of health. Among the benefits of pomegranate are able to treat common coughs, strengthens the stomach, throat, chest and lungs and cure sore eyes.

At this time, I want to share about cure sore eyes . Another problem, I will share later.The main ingredient you need is a pomegranate tree roots. After you've got root, follow the steps below;

1. Clean the roots of the Pomegranate earlier.
2. Then, Boiled roots to a boil.
3. After that, you let the broth cold or warm.
4. Finally, use broth to wash your eyes that sore.

You can practice this tip until the pain eyes suffered decreased and recovered to normal. Easy, right? I am sure you will be doing it.

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