Saturday, March 26, 2011

Benefits of Sweet Potatoes


SWEET potatoes are usually used in cooking as a meal in the evening like lepat cakes and pastry trays.However, sweet potato leaves are rich in nutrients are usually thrown away or used as animal feed.

Research shows that sweet potato leaves are rich in polyphenols, lutein, vitamin A and B, calcium and zinc.

In addition, sweet potato leaves containing natural ingredients can help reduce reliance on synthetic materials used in food product development.

The active ingredient in sweet potato leaves can be used as an ingredient for nutritious snacks and meals in the making of bread and noodles.

The most simple, sweet potatoes can be eaten boiled. Also delicious when fried, baked, roasted, but can also be steamed. In cooking, the sweet potato soup is very tasty if made​​, is added to curry dishes, cooking fat and other dishes.

Sometimes the sweet potatoes are used as thickening sauce dishes. While shoots and leaves can be Fried vegetables, soups and cooked curry.

List Heath benefits of sweet potatoes

Water boiled sweet potatoes:

* Drink as a tonic for the stomach, spleen, kidneys and strengthens the lower body.
* To overcome thirst during a fever.
* Water boiled purple Sweet potatoes are drink to treat diabetes.
* Water boiled Sweet potatoes that kind of reddish brown drink to treat dysentery.


* The Sweet potatoes leaves are finely minced and applied on the skin.
* Also applied to the joints are stiff.

* When boiling drink water treatment for stomach problems and asthma.

Liquid from the sweet potato:
* It can also be used for the treatment of skin burns by applying to the burned area.

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