Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tips use Aloe Vera for Hair Loss

Aloe vera can overcome Hair lossAloe vera can overcome Hair loss

Experiencing hair loss is a problem that is unpleasant.Some say hair is a crown, how if you crown fall continues. This may be a big problem, if not treated immediately.

Aloe vera or scientific name Aloe Vera Lin has many benefits.other than to be used for healing wounds, and skin care. aloe vera is also proven very effective in overcoming hair loss.Other than,aloe vera can also make your hair better thick. How to use aloe vera to overcome hair loss are:

•Take the aloe vera leaves are large, and certainly has a lot of slime.
•Then split this Aloe vera leaves into two parts and take the slimy contents of that.
•Smearing all over your head with slime aloe vera until around.
• Let 10 to 15 minutes.
• Then wash until clean.
•Doing continuously twice in a week.

If your hair loss problem can be solved with aloe vera. You have saved your money for a salon hair-care salon.

For your information there are several factors that cause hair fall, include the following:

• Hair loss is caused by genetic factors (descent).
• Some women experience hair loss after childbirth.
• Hair should be left to dry and not wet conditions, so should not wear a helmet and hat for a long time.
• Stress is also one of the causes of hair fall.

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