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Benefit of Bitter Gourd (Karela) | Treating Diabetes Mellitus

Benefit of Bitter Gourd (Karela),bitter melonBitter Gourd that are already cut

Bitter gourd Also known as kanbas,bitter melon or scientific name Momordica charantia is a vegetable that tastes very bitter, but bitterness is hidden behind a million other benefits to care body health.

In the market we typically see two types of bitter gourd. There are long with green color and have a smaller size or called 'bitter gourd frog' which has dark green.

Bitter gourd has many benefits for our bodies. Each 100gm bitter gourd contains 92.4 percent moisture, protein 1.6 percent, 0.2 percent fat, minerals 0.8 per cent, fiber 0.8 per cent and carbohydrates 4.2 per cent.

Since ancient times bitter gourd is used to treat diabetes. Doctors from England have been doing research to find scientific value.As a result they find a hypoglycemic or insulin.Next they created plantinsulin to reduce the sugar content in blood and urine.

The simplest method for treating diabetes is by drink the juice that was taken from four or five seeds bitter gourd in the morning.

The seeds are crushed can be mixed into the food. If you do not want to drink the juice,diabetics can drink boiled water bitter gourd pieces, or use it in bitter gourd powder.

The leaves are very effective for treating hemorrhoids. Way is by mix the juice from the leaves into one glass milk. It should be in the drink every morning for a month to treat.The crushed roots were used for the rub to the haemorrhoids.

If you have a problem contaminated blood,such as boils, scabies, itch and other fungal problems, bitter gourd can be overcome by mixing one glass of bitter gourd juice and one teaspoon lime juice.

It should be practiced gradually within of four to six months.It should be practiced gradually within of four to six months. Alcohol addiction problems could be mitigated by drinking water from the leaves bitter gourd.It can also overcome liver problem effects from alcohol consumption.

Although bitter gourd is not enthused because its bitterness but it brought many benefits to the people who likes it.Bitter taste will be gone by soaking in salt water before cooking.

tea bitter gourd,Bitter Gourd TeaBitter Gourd Tea

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