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Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is not just a culinary seasoning.In fact, it is beneficial for human health. Health benefits of garlic have been discovered in the year 5000 BC based on the writings of ancient Babylonian, Greek, Roman and Egyptian. Some sources say the ancient Egyptians ate garlic every day for energy and immunity. Workers who built the pyramid is also said to eat a lot of garlic.

Greek people use it to heal Salmonella disease, dysentery and prevent bacterial infections and gangrene in the wound during war. The scientists also found that garlic contains alliin, an amino acid derivative. When pounded or crushed garlic will produce an enzyme called alliinase to convert alliin to allicin, a type of antibiotic that contains the antibacterial action equivalent to 1% penicillin.

Therefore, garlic can be used to treat wounds. Eating garlic with a fixed rate will give a huge difference to heart patients Atherosclerosis . It is also said to reduce blood pressure because methyl allyl trisulfide found in garlic works to expand the walls of blood vessels.

The study also shows that garlic thinning the blood platelets by preventing the accumulation of blood. Thus a heart attack can be avoided. Garlic is also anti-fungal agent. It is effective to treat fungal infections faced by athletes in their legs (Candida albicans). It also effectively prevent infection 20% of other fungi.

A study in China shows garlic is effective in healing diseases Cytococcol Meningitis, a disease that is a dangerous brain inflammation. Garlic can also cure the flu and colds. Allicin that stop the action of bacteria in the respiratory tract. With this, the problem of stuffy nose and influenza can be overcome. Garlic is also rich in protein, vitamins A, C, thiamine and trace minerals such as copper, zinc, calcium, potassium, sulfur, germanium and selenium.

Garlic is very popular among those who practice traditional medicine. Even rumored
in Germany,it is the highest selling non-drug item in pharmacies. Often referred to as amazing traditional medicine that can solves a lot of medical problems since time immemorial, is able to fight bacteria, intestinal parasites and against all kinds of viruses.

Among other health benefits of garlic:
  • Removing wind
  • Increase and control your appetite
  • Reduce toothache, gums and loose teeth
  • Treating cough and tuberculosis
  • Treating the flu
  • Treating earache
  • To repel insects
  • Treating boils
Many may already know about health benefits of garlic, but probably many who not know. This garlic can be an effective medicine for some disease such as fever, colds, body aches and other disease. Garlic is said to be a natural antibiotic to human body.

So to anyone who feverishness and lazy to go to the clinic. You can try practice this tip.

Ingredients and preparation.
  1. Garlic and fire.
  2. Just baked the garlic until black
  3. Then peel skin and eat the garlic.
If your body has a not supposed toxic ,toxic effects will be removed through stool, urine, or fart.

Garlic is not only useful for cooking in the kitchen. In fact, it appears many health benefits of garlic are very useful for our body. Let take advantage of the benefits of garlic.

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